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Andres Roberts

Co-Founder, Way of Nature UK

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Andres works with individuals, organizations and communities to shape better ways to live and work as whole people and whole systems. He does this as a coach, facilitator, leadership and change advisor and as co-founder of Way of Nature UK and core partner at Talik & Co. Andres supports profound development journeys (individual and group) and inspiring and responsible change/innovation processes. His work is based on principles of interconnection, presence, relaxation, flow, deep insight, compassion and connection to ‘source’. His professional and life practice is rooted in questions around wholeness, reconnection and balance. Andres believes that we need a revolution not only in what we work on but how we work together to help systemic change. Specialties: Change, learning, leadership, wholeness, action research, sustainability, responsibility, systems-thinking, creativity, facilitation.