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Sofi Karmlind

Sofi is a true traveler who defines herself as a worlds citizen and call many places her home. From a young age she has been exploring different parts of the world and she claims her time on the road has played a big part in shaping the person she is today. Traveling has taught her many things, and above all given her a deeper understanding of cultural diversity and social injustice. Her time abroad made her realize that she needed to dedicate her life to make a difference for people who needs it the most.In 2012 she started studying a Bachelor’s program in Peace and Development studies at Uppsala University in Sweden, and three years later she got her diploma. During those years she studied one semester in South Africa and spent one semester as an intern at IMT, an organization that helps trafficking victims. At IMT she developed an interest in the idea of social enterprises, something she would really like to learn more about.Sofi is a passionate person, driven by optimism and the idea that we are all equal. With a strong interest in socio-economic development, sustainable solutions and integration she is very excited to start developing her skills as a social entrepreneur at the Amani Institute.