A fusion of ideas, expertise, and resources to create a profound ripple effect of social impact with Breitling

November 17, 2023


Through the Diamond Impact Fund, Breitling and Amani Institute are working together to empower social impact leaders and boost the impact ecosystem in Gujarat, India. This collaboration leverages our shared values of sustainability and social responsibility to drive meaningful change within communities in this region.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Breitling, a luxury Swiss watch brand committed to sustainable and ethical practices. By supporting education and skills development projects, the fund seeks to create better opportunities for individuals to thrive and prosper. 

As a leading global social enterprise supporting entrepreneurs and nonprofits around the world, especially in the global south, we will be helping Breitling with their efforts to engage local leaders in Gujarat. At Amani Institute, we remain committed to fostering a sustainable and engaged community, and are looking forward to inviting others in our efforts. We are honored to join forces with Breitling to support their mission and eager to share our progress.

This program is aimed at founders and senior leaders of nonprofits and social enterprises in Gujarat who are seeking comprehensive learning and development programs that address their specific leadership and management learning needs, while enhancing personal and professional growth, and driving organizational success. One can enroll in the five-month program that will start in January 2024 here: https://amaniinstitute.org/leadership-gujarat

“Gujarat, India, is a vibrant hub of entrepreneurship. Breitling’s lab-grown diamonds originate from selected suppliers in this region. As part of our commitment to social and environmental impact along our value chain, we are delighted to partner up with Amani Institute to leverage their extensive expertise in social entrepreneurship, especially in India…” indicated Aurelia Figueroa, Global Director of Sustainability at Breitling. “…Together, we aim to empower the inaugural class of Breitling Legendary Future Entrepreneurs through upskilling programs, fostering employment, productivity, and inclusion.”

“A partnership with a distinguished brand like Breitling significantly enhances our social impact endeavors in India. We aim to train over 40 leaders of nonprofits and social enterprises in the first year of this collaboration, focusing on women’s economic empowerment and fostering a resilient ecosystem in the region. Breitling’s commitment as a socially responsible brand not only elevates our initiatives but also sets a powerful example, encouraging other brands to integrate social responsibility into their core strategies. Long term, this partnership aligns with our shared values and promises to catalyze transformative change across India and South Asia.” said Varun Mukerji, India Director at Amani Institute.

Amani Institute is committed to a dedicated service for people and organizations to nurture and expand their teams, driving positive change and sustainable growth in their respective communities.

About Amani Institute

Amani Institute is a global social enterprise founded in 2011, dedicated to implementing learning and development programs across the globe, particularly in the Global South.

We do this by developing people and organizations to lead social impact, equipping them with the essential problem-solving and leadership skills, mindsets and knowledge to create more and higher impact. Through our world-class curriculum, we foster not only personal growth but also a collective journey towards a world where people go to work to create impact.

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India Country Director
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