Amani Institute 2022 Impact Report

June 1, 2023


In a year marked by growth and transformation, we have made a profound impact in the world of changemaking. As we eagerly unveil the Amani Institute 2022 Impact Report, we invite you to join us in celebrating the extraordinary achievements and the collective efforts that have shaped a better future for individuals and communities around the globe.

In 2022, Amani Institute reached new heights, touching the lives of 1,906 individuals, a remarkable 72% increase from the previous year. Through 79 meticulously crafted programs and events, including 44 Custom Training sessions, 20 engaging online and in-person events, nine cohorts of our renowned Leadership for Growth program, two cohorts of our Formação em Impacto Social (FIS) program, and more, we have surpassed traditional boundaries, partnering with clients from diverse sectors such as social enterprises and corporate organizations.

This year, we proudly launched our groundbreaking “Start. Switch. Grow.” game, revolutionizing leadership development by merging innovation and experiential learning. This innovative format has empowered changemakers to unlock their full potential and foster meaningful impact within their communities and organizations.


“The program has helped us better navigate complex challenges and strengthen our organization’s impact. I highly recommend Amani Institute’s custom training program to any organization seeking to develop their staff’s skills and understanding of social impact,” affirms Bert Maerten, Head of Transformation, HelpAge International.


Throughout the year, Amani Institute embarked on strategic initiatives to enhance our open enrollment and customized training programs. With a renewed mission and vision, we remain steadfast in our vision for a world where people go to work to create impact; while embracing the diverse perspectives and talents of people and organizations worldwide.

Our 2022 Impact Report is not merely a reflection of our accomplishments; it is an invitation for you to become a champion of change. As we unveil the Amani Institute 2022 Impact Report, we extend our gratitude to our global community of graduates, faculty, and partners who have supported us on this journey.

We encourage you to champion our cause, invite others to join our Community, and invest in Amani Institute. Together, we can create a world where people go to work to create impact.


Discover The Power of Over a Decade of Changemakers

2022 Impact Report
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