Amani Institute and TechChange Announce Winners of their Growth Prize on

September 26, 2012


Congratulations to Labour Connect, the NO LABEL PROJECT, and Art Over Wheels, the winners of full scholarships for the first-ever online certificate course on social entrepreneurship and technology, offered jointly by the Amani Institute and TechChange.

Additional congratulations go to the runners-up, who will receive a discounted rate of admission to the course. The three runners-up are Building A Classroom for Quality Education, Partnering for Vocation and Engagement, and ECOpavement.

The winners and runners-up represent a diverse range of ideas, from reducing unemployment to improving education quality to sustainability. They receive this award at different stages in their growth – some are well-established endeavors and others are just at the launch stage. Yet, they are all promising new innovations that have the potential to make a difference in our lives and how we live.

What have they won? “Technology, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship” is a four-week online professional development certificate course will explore how entrepreneurs and organizations have used technology to solve intractable social and economic problems. It will also provide training in tools and platforms such as social media, community building applications, customer relations software (CRM), and DIY web development tools to enhance the impact of your social enterprise.  Participants can expect a hands-on, dynamic and practical learning environment with a number of real-world examples and case studies. Read more about the course and reserve your spot today.

We thank all those who entered the competition and look forward to working with the winners and runners-up.


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