Amani Institute Launches The Amani Journey App

June 18, 2018


To meet the needs of the ever-increasing numbers of get-up-and-go people in the world, Amani Institute is pleased to announce the launch of the Amani Journey app. The Amani Journey app will provide social change inspiration ‘on the go’ and help users gain learning and inspiration to make a difference in their career.

“We are aware that there are thousands of people around the world seriously re-evaluating their careers and whether they are on the right path”, says Amani Institute Co-Founder Roshan Paul. “This app will help them take the first steps towards building a meaningful career”.

In 2016, Amani Institute was awarded a probono grant from the leading technology company Solstice to develop the app in order to scale a part of the Amani curriculum. This has been a work in progress and it is a proud moment to release the app.

Ilaina Rabbat, Amani Institute Co-Founder adds, “We have an award-winning curriculum in social innovation and personal leadership but only a fraction of people who need it can currently access our programs. The app will bring our work to a larger, global audience.”

You can download the Amani Journey app now on the iPhone App Store or Google Playstore and start your own learning journey.

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