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September 29, 2018


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“In these days of ” VUCA-(Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) ” it seems that there’s not much you can count on. But you can count on nature. She’s always there for you. Nature has your back. Do you have hers?”- Denise Deluca, “Who’s Got your Back?”

Are you looking for mentorship?  Looking for someone who is an expert in sharing economy and circular economy, with a deep understanding of redundancy, decentralized governance, inclusion and diversity? Their technical skills include design and strategy, with a unique capacity to constantly optimize the business model and the functional model, in order to always get the best from any system.

Not enough? Well, they also have 4 billion years of experience!

Meet Nature, the best globally available mentor for any manager, aspiring changemaker, entrepreneur, or innovator.

At Amani Institute, we start our flagship Social Innovation Management Program with a four-day course on Bioempathy. Since nature is the ultimate innovator, there’s tons to learn from how it designs, both in terms of current products and in terms of organizations.  Current business models that value scarcity are definitely showing their limits and are often unable to cope with the current pace of change. Conversely, nature values what’s abundant and integrates change and evolution at every level.  Nature lets you build towards the solution you want to achieve focusing on the problem you have.

So how do you learn from nature?

Our global faculty: Denise Deluca, Sharmishtha Dattagupta, and Andres Roberts are experts in the field of biomimicry, especially its six life principles. Through the Bioempathy course, each faculty member facilitates both how we can see nature as a mentor and nature as a mirror, which is about reconnecting with a wisdom we’ve lost. Our Fellows complete experiential, hands-on activities culminating in using nature to tackle a real social problem.

 “I looked around, and there was full life around me, unspoken, just like the turmoil inside me: the fears and worries for my health, the children at my center with few or no resources, and the widow community who look up to me. I learnt that I need to carry this silent synergy with me. It is not important to have all the answers at once. Sometimes I will fall, just like the acacia trees; some days I will stand strong and bring life; some days I will be calm like the beautiful lake; and other days I may happily jump about like the monkeys and insects. All this is life, and I need to know when different moments require different skills to aspire and inspire.”- Roseline Orwa, Social Innovation Management Fellow, Cancer Survivor and Advocate for widows’ rights

So what are you waiting for? Learn how you can let nature nurture you and use biomimicry to solve your most difficult social issues.  

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