Bio-Leadership Brazil

A practitioners programme + action community

August 2018 to March 2019

Bio-Leadership Brazil is a 6 month programme about a new kind of leadership inspired by Nature. The programme is about connecting a new generation of innovators and pioneers to grow more adaptive, more generative and more responsible human systems. The initiative comes after two years developing this work across the UK and Brazil, and we are excited to launch a deeper, more supportive process in Brazil.

This work comes at a time when more and more people are looking for more meaningful kinds of leadership and development while at the same time needing to address critical social, economic and ecological challenges.

Bio-Leadership Brazil is a collaboration between the Bio-Leadership Project, the Amani Institute and a number of guest partners. For more information as the programme develops please visit xxx

The Programme
Bio-Leadership Brazil will bring together a dedicated group of practitioners to explore and cultivate new tools and capacities, inspired by nature, to navigate the challenges of the 21st Century. These qualities might include deeper purpose, connection, creativity, resilience and care. The intention is that the programme itself will bring to life what Bio-Leadership feels like – working as a living community to explore different kinds of knowledge and movement.

The programme will also look to connect a group of people as a living ecology of innovators. The process will combine Bio-Leadership ideas and principles, real-life projects, stories from guest speakers, one-to-one coaching and more. The spirit of the programme is very much about collaborative inquiry and action, structured around three threads:

  1. Models and tools
  2. Deep personal experience and connection
  3. How to grow this movement as a field

Key components

Two 3 day retreats in nature:

  1. Weekend 1: Context; Transitions; Models & Stories; Inquiries.
  2. Weekend 2: Designing for Bio-Leadership and growing as a field;

  • 3 online calls with guest practitioners/organisations
  • An Action-Research thread to connect and share projects
  • 2 interim city workshops with Brazilian co-facilitators
  • 2 online calls reviewing action-research projects
  • Two one-to-one calls with lead facilitator (Andres Roberts or Co-Host)
  • Recommended reading and sources
  • Continuous conversation about what a Bio-Leadership field of practice might look like going forward

What is Bio-Leadership?

Bio-Leadership is about helping our systems to evolve and adapt in better ways by drawing inspiration from, and working in partnership with, nature. It is not a methodology or a technology or a solution. It’s more a way of exploring the qualities of healthy systems and how we might bring them to life in our own life and work. It is also about changing how we work to support the wider systems we are part of.

Bio-Leadership works with capacities such as purpose, resilience, adaptability, connection collaboration and systemic innovation. It also helps to think about it as a transition:

Moving from: Moving Towards:

- Top-Down hierarchy - Adaptive ecosystems

- Command and control - Experimentation and inquiry

- Short term gains - Long life responsibility

- Maximisation of one part - Optimisation of all parts

- ‘Deficit Analysis’ - Intelligent use of energy

- Profit & growth focus - Whole-system health measures

- Yang mindset - Yin rebalance

- World as battlefield - Connection in the web of life


A certain flow has developed in working with Bio-Leadership:

  • Stepping back to explore and challenge dominant paradigms of leadership and innovation
  • Going back to nature to ask different questions about structure, form and relationship, and - at a deeper level – revisit our own place in nature
  • Taking time to explore different models of leadership and organisation, inspired by nature (connecting with the work of numerous leadership and change models and movements)
  • Developing new ways of bringing these ideas and principles to life.

Through this work we look to many sources of inspiration: new leadership and management models, new ideas about innovation, ecological thinking, systems-thinking, complexity, storytelling, spirituality, indigenous wisdom, neuroscience, action-research and more. But again, as much as anything else, this is about going back to nature to observe, notice and be as much as do... and we know that by doing this, new kinds of insight and wisdom emerge.

Throughout this work we have been trying to acknowledge that these are extraordinary times, in which we have amazing knowledge about the world, yet face unprecedented challenges and dilemmas about how to act.

Within this, two questions seem to resonate more deeply in our work with Bio-Leadership. The first is about how to embody these new qualities as individuals. The second is about how we might work together as a new kind of ‘ecology’ to make better change possible.


The Bio-Leadership Project is an initiative that aims to reconnect human systems and the natural systems that we are part of to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century. See more at

The Amani Institute is a non-profit social organization that develops professionals who create change through educational trainings. Amani Institute believe in the transformational power of nature into people's development and it is part of the methodology. Facilitated by Andres Roberts, the The Social Innovation Management Program always starts with the Bio Empathy Course. Find more information here!