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Mar 28,2024

Maximizing the Potential of Your Strategic Team Retreat

In our fast-paced professional routines as managers, it’s easy to become consumed by the day-to-day grind and lose sight of ...

Feb 07,2024

Leading with Purpose: The Power of Aligned Values in Collaboration

Leadership in the 21st century goes beyond mere strategy and results – it’s a journey toward purpose and authenticity. Imagine ...

Collaboration - Successful leaders recognize that problem solving is not a solo endeavor
Jan 12,2024

Problem Solving: A Leader's Key to Team Performance and Organizational Growth

In today’s ever-changing and fast-paced business environment, one skill stands out as a key ingredient for success: problem solving. At ...

Nov 17,2023

A fusion of ideas, expertise, and resources to create a profound ripple effect of social impact with Breitling

Amani Institute is committed to a dedicated service for people and organizations to nurture and expand their teams, driving positive change and sustainable growth in their respective communities.
Jun 01,2023

Amani Institute 2022 Impact Report

In a year marked by growth and transformation, we have made a profound impact in the world of changemaking. As ...

Planting the Seed for Entrepreneurship through Microloans in Uganda and Brazil
Apr 03,2023

Planting the Seed for Entrepreneurship through Microloans in Uganda and Brazil

Bridging Gaps is a non-profit that aims to break the cycle of poverty by providing microloans to refugees and entrepreneurs in Uganda and Brazil. Through their community-based approach, local partnerships, and support for women and minorities, they empower individuals to start their own businesses and create new financial structures. Their unique model includes community loan groups, where members support each other and repay the loans. If you want to learn more about Bridging Gaps, visit their website or reach out to their team.
Mar 30,2023

How Cross-Departmental Collaboration Can Transform Your Organization

A Case Study of Penda Health

Have you ever looked at the evening skies and by chance seen a flock of ...

arabic businessman
Mar 29,2023

Habits That Taste Like Success

Learn how to build lasting habits with these six powerful strategies. Discover how to start small, create measurable goals, establish routines, track progress, find accountability, and be kind to yourself along the way. Invest in your leadership growth and unlock your potential for success. %
Mar 22,2023

Essential Leadership Lessons for Early-Stage Leaders


As a leadership facilitator, I often reflect on my early career days when I asked myself, ‘What do I know ...