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Milagro Pereyra speaking at the impact work
Nov 15,2022

Weaving Communities through Partnerships, introducing our new Community and Partnership Manager 

Amani Institute will continue to develop new opportunities for our Communities through Opportunity or Development partnerships helping individuals find a place where they can go to work to create impact.
Three Amani Institute fellows speaking to each other in a small room
Nov 03,2022

10 Years of Working to Change the World

In June 2021, Amani Institute turned 10-years old. After a year of COVID-related pauses on in-person gatherings, we will finally celebrate this milestone this year. As you read this, our Hubs and communities worldwide are busy planning a global day of celebrations on Friday, November 11th, to usher in the next decade of Amani Institute. We invite you to join us!
Output to Outcomes to Impact
Oct 27,2022

Setting your Social Impact Monitoring and Evaluation for Success

Adriana Casulari, Global Operations, Monitoring and Evaluations Manager

Individuals and organizations who lead social impact tackle some of the most profound ...

Big sheet of paper with post its under two columns - causes and effects
Oct 11,2022

Cultivating Meaning out of the Unknown

By Anjum Dhamija, Amani Institute Fellow

After spending 2 years working at the intersection of technology and business in ...

Two woman doing a high-five
Aug 08,2022

How can you cultivate yourself to be the best leader you could possibly be?

It’s 2017, Ina Bogdanova has finished the Social Innovation Management Program in São Paulo, Brazil, and is now working in ...

Headshot Shehzia with green leaves in the background
Jul 08,2022

Meet Amani Institute's First-Ever Chief Operating Officer

An expert in leadership and management development, Shehzia Lilani has more than 15 years’ experience within social entrepreneurship, facilitation, and program development ...
Headshot Varun
Jul 08,2022

A new Country Director poised to grow Amani Institute India to newer heights 

Varun Mukerji is the new Amani Institute Country Director for India, effective July 1, 2022. 

Varun brings vision, humor, and entrepreneurial ...

Community Blogpost 2022
Mar 08,2022

Lessons Learned from a New Community Governance Model

All too often we think of community in terms of being with folks like ourselves: the same class, same ...

Great Girls
Dec 21,2021

How Global Remote Apprenticeships Have Impact on the Ground

Our Social Innovation Management program is an immersive journey into the world of changemaking and social impact. Beyond attending class, Fellows ...