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Community Blogpost 2022
Mar 08,2022

Lessons Learned from a New Community Governance Model

All too often we think of community in terms of being with folks like ourselves: the same class, same ...

Great Girls
Dec 21,2021

How Global Remote Apprenticeships Have Impact on the Ground

Our Social Innovation Management program is an immersive journey into the world of changemaking and social impact. Beyond attending class, Fellows ...

Nov 22,2021

How the Legacy of an Educator Can Impact Generations of Changemakers

Gideon Kilei’s changemaking story begins with a letter he wrote 26 years ago. Growing up in a village in Eastern ...

Iraq Leadership Fellows
Nov 22,2021

Training a New Generation of Leaders for Iraq

by Stephanie Haase, Global Program Manager

What does leadership look like for a generation that grew up with war and uncertainty? ...

Oct 05,2021

Income 4 Interns, a New Initiative to Support Careers in the Impact Sector

Did you know that nearly half of all internships in the U.S. are unpaid, in particular those found within the ...

Anam Palla Zindagi Trust
Sep 17,2021

Innovation in Hiring for Challenging Positions in Pakistan

One thing organizations can agree on across the globe is that passionate, committed, and innovative leaders are needed to create ...

Aug 12,2021

Dreaming For India on Her 75th Independence Day

We asked 3 pioneering and distinguished changemakers a question – “What is your dream/wish for India on her 75th Independence ...

Jun 15,2021

Demystifying Stakeholder Management

“Bonjour Monsieur, comment allez-vous?”, were the first words I said to a French gentleman who headed a business function in ...

Impact Investing India
Apr 20,2021

Impact Investing: A New Lens for Social Change in India

Rising demand for socially responsible and change-driven financing has created new ways of disseminating capital. Over the past decade, the ...