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3R Mozambique Maíra Valladares

Rethinking what is valuable, an unexpected journey to become CEO

Sometimes you just have a broad desire to make a social impact, using your skills to create tangible results. With this aspiration, Maíra Valladares …

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Mukhil L4G online 2020

How Adaptive Leadership and Innovation Skills Transformed a Product Development Team

Meet Mukhil Anand Asokarajan is a high-energy innovator who leads the product development division at Zifo RnD Solutions. As part of his Business Inno…

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L4G India

Leadership For Growth: When “Prototype” Becomes Your Favourite Word

Amidst the one-year-since-covid-19 reflections, on Saturday, 13th March 2021, Amani Institute in India graduated the first cohort of an entirely virtu…

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Super Sema - Kukua - Magda Kanjejo

International Women’s Day Spotlight: Impact Stories From Across the Globe

By Lorenza Delucchi, Amani Fellow 2020, from Italy.In the last four days, I’ve traveled 4 continents. No travel restrictions, almost zero carbon emi…

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Como exercitar a empatia em períodos de pandemia: a experiência profunda de Gustavo Narciso na Formação em Impacto Social


When Innovation and Leadership Skills Help you Save a lot of Money

Tushar Gaware is the Co-founder and Lead (Central Production and Quality) at S4S Technologies, a food preservation company that invents new food proce…

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Leadership for Growth India

Leadership for Growth Program – Our Journey in India so far

There are very few organizational challenges that don’t have a solution – there’s always an innovative way to solve the problems we come across …

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Hungry for Change? Do Something About It

One of the things that humanity is currently trying to grapple with is the need to balance between development and conserving the natural world. For d…

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Por uma inovação social brasileira e mais preta: a trajetória de Dalva como Amani Fellow

Por: Dalva Santos (Amani Alumni, Programa de Gestão em Inovação Social 2019). Nos últimos 4 anos minha atividade profissional gradativamente …

How Product Sales at Moko Grew by 66% Thanks to Leadership Training

One of the mantras that we have at Amani Institute is that “knowledge has value when it is applied.” In the Leadership for Growth program, a key c…