Impact Stories

Anam Palla Zindagi Trust
Sep 17,2021

Innovation in Hiring for Challenging Positions in Pakistan

One thing organizations can agree on across the globe is that passionate, committed, and innovative leaders are needed to create ...

Impact Investing India
Apr 20,2021

Impact Investing: A New Lens for Social Change in India

Rising demand for socially responsible and change-driven financing has created new ways of disseminating capital. Over the past decade, the ...

3R Mozambique Maíra Valladares
Mar 30,2021

Rethinking what is valuable, an unexpected journey to become CEO

Sometimes you just have a broad desire to make a social impact, using your skills to create tangible results. With ...
Mukhil L4G online 2020
Mar 24,2021

How Adaptive Leadership and Innovation Skills Transformed a Product Development Team

Meet Mukhil Anand Asokarajan is a high-energy innovator who leads the product development division at Zifo RnD Solutions. As part ...

Super Sema - Kukua - Magda Kanjejo
Mar 08,2021

International Women's Day Spotlight: Impact Stories From Across the Globe

By Lorenza Delucchi, Amani Fellow 2020, from Italy.In the last four days, I’ve traveled 4 continents. No travel restrictions, almost ...

Feb 11,2021

Virtual Collaboration to Impact Brazilian Juvenile Prisoners

“Talk does not cook rice” – Japanese Saying

In nearly every culture across the world, there is some sort of variation ...

Jan 30,2021

Wanna be a Changemaker? 6 Reasons You Should Consider the Social Innovation Management Program!

Learn how Amani Institute is pioneering a pedagogical revolution through its holistic approach towards social impact education! Here are 6 ...

Piera Mattioli cover image
Jan 06,2021

A Social Innovation Journey Like No Other!

Piera Mattioli is a visual thinker and storyteller, committed to create a positive impact through her work.

Illustration is the main ...

Dec 10,2020

It takes a community to raise your changemaking career

If we learned one thing from 2020, it is that community matters. As we redefine our local communities it also ...