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Meet Tanvi Mittal, The Girl Who Has Been Recycling Plastic To Make 3D Printer Filaments

Tanvi Mittal is an Amani Social Innovation Management Fellow and part of Kenya Class 8. This article was originally published in The Logical Indian …

Innovation Open Days –

Changemaker U – BizEd Interview

The $10,000 Social Innovation Degree

In this article Anya Kamenetz examines the different options for people interested in obtaining a degree in social innovation. Amani Institute is feat…

How To Find A Good Job In Social Innovation? Some Lessons From Nairobi, Kenya

social innovation, higher education, universities, social entrepreneurship

You Don’t Need A Lot Of Degrees To Get A Job Saving The World

New Models for Higher Education

Education systems that incorporate human interaction and multidimensional learning are poised to change what and how we learn...…

Roshan Paul interview on CNBC Africa

Amani Institute CEO explains the role of social innovation in sustainable development

Social entrepreneurs have been known to invest in areas where not so many people are willing to channel their money into, in an effort to make a goo…

Filling the Gap in Social Innovation: An Interview with Roshan Paul of the Amani Institute

Carrie Rich, the CEO of one of our network partner organizations, the Global Good Fund, recently interviewed Roshan for an article in the Huffington P…

Interview in PICNIC: Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation and the Amani Institute

We were delighted to be interviewed this week by PICNIC. In their own words, PICNIC is the Dutch-based “leading European platform for innovation and…