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An Unconventional Take on the Future of Education

By Roshan Paul, Co-Founder and CEO, Amani InstituteThis text below was inspired by a keynote Speech Arthan invited me to give in July at their virtual…

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Arthan: a Panel on the Future of Jobs

Hard and Soft Skills, Mentors, and Purpose: How to Build a Career in the Impact Sector

Amani Institute led a panel discussion as a part of 'Building Civil Society Organizations of the Future', an online event series led by our partners A…

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Comfort, Stretch, Panic. Which Zone Are You In?

Have you ever been in a team or project for a long haul and craved a new challenge? Or do you recall a time when you had to push your boundaries and l…

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leverage your strengths

Capitalize on Your Strengths in Your Leadership Journey

Who is a leader? This is an age-old question that has many answers depending on who you ask. One of our favorite definitions is by John Quincy Adams w…

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Changing the Culture of Feedback

Imagine that I am your manager and I have called you into my room to speak with you. I then say to you: ‘Your Name; I have feedback for you.’ What…

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Creative Leadership in Times of Vulnerability

By Renata Ferreira, Amani Fellow from Brazil in 2018.Picture by @jamesponddotcoJust over four months ago, the first cases of COVID-19 were reported in…

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How to Get Your Money’s Worth from Training your Staff

For many small and growing businesses (SGBs) sending an employee to a course or a program can be a big investment – timewise and financially. Hence,…

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wanjiku njuguna Amani Institute

Out of sight – out of mind? An Interview with Wanjiku Njuguna 

Prison systems across the globe are in dire need of innovation. This is also true - or more urgently so even - for countries in which other pressing p…

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Purpose is not a mere tagline or marketing campaign

Many people think capitalism is the root cause of all inequalities, of the overexploitation of our planet’s resources and climate change. Others bel…

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Make a Difference

What skills do you need to make a living while making a difference?

Have you ever thought of turning your passion into a career, but were unsure of where to start? For the past four months, Amani Institute has hosted p…

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