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Apr 20 - 22

Behavior Change

Course Description

The global world is changing faster than ever. We are faced with constant requests to adapt and change behaviour. The challenge is that the human mind has not changed accordingly. We still operate like people with a stone-age brain dominated by instinctive reactions and unconscious bias. The unconscious mind is dominating about 90% of our behaviour and decision making. We can rationally understand the need to change our behaviour to create a more equal and inclusive world for all people, but we still act in ways that reproduce inequality. You will learn about the human mind and how to apply behavioural insights in your work as a changemaker. You will learn how to design interventions to promote behavioural, cultural, and systemic change.


Tinna Nielsen
Founder, Move the Elephant


9am - 5:30pm

Course run in



[email protected]


Amani Institute

Braeside Gardens, off Muthangari Road, Nairobi

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