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Aug 23 - 25

Building Context for Programs

Course Description

This three-day course will help you understand how you immerse yourself in the definition of the problem before you design your program. Through Dream a Dream’s experience of understanding the challenge faced by ‘young people growing up in adversity’, you will pick up the questions, frameworks and tools that will be useful to help you define the problem in your own context and for your target group.

We will invite young people to be part of this experience to share the complexities of their lives and give you an immersive experience of their contexts. We will use reflection as an approach to understand what happens to us when we experience a context and how we use what’s happening to us as the first step to build our programs.

Through Dream a Dream’s journey of evolving and developing its programs for youth, the course will offer frameworks and approaches to building programs that are deeply entrenched in the context in which you are operating.

You will have an opportunity to use the frameworks introduced to develop an articulation of the challenge and subsequently design a program in your context.

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Vishal Talreja
Co-founder, Dream a Dream


Thursday 6pm-10pm | Friday 9am-6pm | Saturday 9am-6pm

Course run in



[email protected]


Amani Institute

5/8 Magrath Road, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

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