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Nov 22

Constellation for Changemakers

Course Description

How can you lead as a passionate changemaker in the world, while avoiding the pitfalls of burnout, disillusionment, and financial hardship? What is the key to thriving personally when you are working to create lasting, sustainable change in complex, often dysfunctional social systems?

Join us for this hands-on, experiential workshop to discover how systemic constellation work can free you from limiting personal and ancestral patterns that are often at the root of many of the unique challenges that changemakers experience as they step forward in service of others.

Gain the tools, clarity and self-knowledge that will help you unlock your deeper potential and success as a thought leader and/or social entrepreneur in the world.

James Woeber, Co-Founder and Director at Art of Heartful Living Institute, California
Cost: R$700,00
Limited discounted spots available for Amani Fellows and Core Partners
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