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Designing for Real Impact at Big Scale

Course Description

The best way to achieve impact at scale is to design the best model you can as early in the process as possible and then continually iterate on it to make it better. This course will give you a set of tools to think through and formulate a scalable model that can evolve over time.

It includes: Social mission – just exactly what it is you that want to accomplish Impact – how you’ll know if you’re accomplishing it Behavior – who needs to do what to make that happen Interventions – what you’re going to do to make those behaviors happen. A scalable model – coalescing your interventions into a systematic process that can scale up. The organization – an understanding of the kind of organization you’ll need to get your model going and to take it to scale.


Kevin Starr
Managing Director, Mulago Foundation and the Rainer Arnhold Fellows Program

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