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Innovating with Local Communities

Course Description

There is a growing demand for community-led solutions, viewing local communities as active partners rather than passive recipients of services. These communities have resources that normally get lost in traditional top-down solutions. Central to this workshop is to learn how to assess community needs and resources, understand the systems that operate in a community, create participatory decision-making approaches and build partnerships between key influencers such as youth, local leaders, women groups, educational institutions, employers, media, and government.

The workshop will also address the role of youth in local communities as agents of development. Based on experience gathered from around the world, at the end of the workshop you will have information, resources, practical tools, experiential learning, and most importantly, inspiration, to look at your work through a new lens and discover the potential of locally-led solutions.


Ilaina Rabbat
Co-Founder, Amani Institute

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