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Oct 17 - 19

Measuring Social Impact

Course Description

What gets measured gets managed – As social innovators bring together the key elements of people, process and systems, there is a real risk that the organization starts mistaking activities for outcomes and loses sight of the impact that they intend to create on the ground. In addition, potential funders are increasingly moving beyond the narrative around the organization to the tangible and measurable impact that the organization is creating on the ground.

The Measuring Social Impact course will give you the tools to decide what to measure and why. We will explore different frameworks available to changemakers, as well as their merits and limitations. We will be using local and global case studies to ensure you get practical, hands-on experience and feel confident applying social impact measurement principles in your organisations and projects. We will be looking at creating a Theory of Change, stakeholder mapping and creating value from the perspective of the stakeholder.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

– create your own Theory of Change
– distinguish between outputs and outcomes
– decide on the materiality of your stakeholders
– clearly communicate the impact your organization/your project is seeking to achieve and/or has achieved
– distinguish between different social impact assessment frameworks and decide on which one works best for you
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Tena Pick
Founder, Project Kal


Thursday 6pm-10pm | Friday 9am- 6pm | Saturday 9am-6pm

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[email protected]


Amani Institute

5/8 Magrath Road, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

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