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May 04 - 07

Regenerative Leadership

Course Description

This course intends to explore and redefine the qualities, skills, and organizational strategies of change agents, sustainability champions, entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs who are seeking to create regenerative and/or sustainable solutions to issues and challenges they have identified in their respective fields.

During the course, we will review the core principles and definitions of sustainability and sustainable development and how these can help inform the work of regenerative leaders. We will also review the research-based Regenerative Leadership Framework© and Regenerative Capacity Index© in order for participants to:

  1. Create a leadership action plan to build their capacity, expertise, and impact as regenerative leaders so that they may build a legacy connected to their most driving sense of purpose.
  2. Develop a regenerative project design to integrate social, environmental, economic, and human wellbeing concerns to respond effectively to challenge(s) they are addressing in the private and/or civic sector.

Additionally, we will review other leadership and management theories and practices that are most relevant to sustainability leadership. We will do this in alignment with the guiding vision known as the triple top line (TTL), which can be defined as ‘Growing prosperity, strengthening community, and enhancing the health of all species for all time’.

The course aims to increase participants’ overall capacity as community organizers, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, educators, and aspiring sustainability champions to influence the projects, programs, and organizations they are or wish to be involved with.

See the full description here: http://bit.ly/cursosamani2017-descricao

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John Hardman
Founder, Regenerative Organizations


Thursday 7pm-10pm, Friday / Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 9am-1:30pm

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