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Relational Literacy

Course Description

Baruch Espinoza, the philosopher, states that life is ruled by encounters, and those may be based on sorrowful passions – when one’s potency is depleted – and joyful passions, when the potency of both human beings is amplified. IF life is ruled by encounters, what is the nature of the first encounter of the day, the one with the person who appears in the mirror when we look at it in the morning? That is one mega indicator of our relational literacy skills, or, the ability to develop our listening and interacting abilities to make them available for encounters in life.

Why is it important? Because the way we relate to others mirrors the way we relate to ourselves. Or: we have been doing to ourselves what we have been doing to the world: treating it poorly. From that place of disconnection we make decisions that might prove wrong and start looking for solutions outside and elsewhere. But all we need is already there, inside ourselves, Just waiting to be accessed.

The good news is: all of that can be developed or, better, reaccessed! With a very practical approach , in a dynamic classroom environment, we will play, interact, have fun and surprise ourselves with how much we do and we do not know about essential aspects of ourselves and how we respond to life’s demands. Because Sustainability also comprehends the quality of relationship we establish with ourselves. The better I know, understand and respect myself, the more I know how to do it for another human being. At home; at the work space;in a neighborhood, a city, a world. That powerful connection generates the ability for empathic living.


Wellington Nogueira
Founder, Doutores da Alegria

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