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May 09 - 11

Storytelling For Change

Course Description

Storytelling for leadership, also known as Public Narrative, is the art of translating values into action. How we act,motivate and lead other people to action depends on our values, and we see our values as best expressed through stories. At most organizations and companies working for social change, whether dealing with beneficiaries, colleagues, Board Members, donors, vendors, or collaborators, the purpose of the organization requires moving people to act in ways that are often not primarily financially motivated.

During the course, we will explore the elements of effective stories. We will analyze public figures that have mastered the art of moving people to action. And we will help each other become better storytellers through practice.

Investment: R$1200,00 in one deposit or installments 2xR$660,00
Please send the receipt to Maria Carolina [[email protected]] and guarantee your spot.


Ameen Haque
Founder of Storywallahs, Story Coach


Thursday from 6pm to 10pm; Friday and Saturday from 9am to 6pm

Course run in



[email protected]


Amani Institute

Rua dos Ingleses, 182 - Morro dos Ingleses, São Paulo - SP, 01000-000

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