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Jun 01 - 04

Strategy for Social Mobilization

Course Description

Social entrepreneurs have the challenge to inspire people and to create opportunities for them to get involved to implement social impact initiatives. At the same time, the world has become much more complex, with a multiplicity of messages and appeals from different sources inundating the public space every minute, fueled by the instantaneity of social media. How to make a difference, get to people’s hearts and minds, and create strong and sustainable change?

During this course, we will bring together strategic planning techniques, movement building elements and design thinking tools to collectively develop a joint understanding on how to create opportunities for mobilization and engagement for social impact causes. Theory will be tempered and concretely implemented through a number of exercises that will make all participants interact and exchange knowledge and practical experiences. In the end, participants will develop experimental mobilization projects and strengthen ties that will allow them to continue interacting after the course.

See the full description here: http://bit.ly/cursosamani2017-descricao
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Renato Guimaraes
Director of Engagement, Greenpeace Brazil; Co-founder, Together


Thursday 7pm-10pm, Friday / Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 9am-1:30pm

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