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Systems Change

Course Description

Every day we hear about the increasing pace of change; how we do not know what the problems of tomorrow will be and we hear more and more that EVERYTHING is inter-connected in some giant global system. How do we bring to understand this complexity – that the food you buy in London could impact the rainfall in Kenya? How do we begin to see ourselves within these systems and most importantly tap into our own power to change these systems? We will go deep into how to think about systems. Our approach is based on the following hypotheses or beliefs: 1. How you understand the way the world works affects the way you work on the world 2. If you want to affect serious change, you need a systems view.

Throughout the course, we will be working in an immersive environment, exploring how complexity theory and systems change can be brought to bear even in the rural/wild environment of a Masaai community in the world-famous Masaai Mara sanctuary. Course objectives: Seeing complexity as an opportunity and not an obstacle to making change Seeing systems from multiple lens Understanding Systems Intervening in systems”


Eric Young
Distinguished Visiting Professor, Ryerson University

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