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Sep 14 - 16

Technology for Social Impact

Course Description

This course will help you understand the role of technology – with its focus on leveraging social impact. We will start by discussing the historical context of technology and its impact to shape our society. Then, we will analyze how to innovate to create new markets in existing needs and how technology is a key resource. Also, we will debate about adverse effects of technology and potential unintended consequences to both society and planet.

Technology is an attractive and intensive resource, but it requires purpose and conscious to leverage the potential of impact and scale of social ventures. This is certainly a key input to tackle the World’s biggest challenges. This course will offer frameworks, tools, concepts and methodologies to embed technology in your intervention in order to improve processes, develop innovative products or create disruptive models to change lives and transform communities.

You will utilize frameworks and tools introduced during this class to design policies to mitigate adverse effects of new technologies. By the end this course, you will be more prepared to make strategic decisions, develop a critical-thinking of how technology can be resourceful to leverage both social impact and scale of your social venture.

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Marcel Fukayama
Co-Founder & President, Sistema B Brazil
Co-Founder, Din4mo
Investment Committee Member, Instituto C&A
Board Member, Sistema B International
Board Observer, Programa Vivenda
Board Observer, Mais 60 Saúde


Thursday 6pm-10pm, Friday and Saturday 9am-6pm

Course run in



[email protected]


Amani Institute

Rua dos Ingleses, 182 - Bela Vista - São Paulo

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