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Nov 08 - 10

The Genesis of Strategy

Course Description

The Genesis of Strategy: How do you take on a huge issue in need of change? One evocative way to think about designing effective strategies for leading social change evokes the Six Days of Creation. Strategy itself is an act of creation—the art of creating power to deliver meaningful change during times of uncertainty. Translating vision into operational strategies requires a coherent narrative and framework to deliver results.

Through such an approach, this seminar will integrate all the previous courses so far by going deeper into the art of using Vision, Choice/Trade-Off, Alignment, Balance, Resilience, Integrity of Measurement, and Celebration to understand the life-cycle of social action campaigns.


Jerry White
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary, US Department of State, and leader in the Nobel Peace-prize winning International Campaign to Ban Landmines


Thursday 6pm-10pm | Friday 9am-6pm | Saturday 9am-6pm

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Amani Institute

5/8 Magrath Road, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

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