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Apr 25 - 27

Turning an Idea into a Program/Venture

Course Description

This course will help you understand the role of social entrepreneurship in addressing social challenges. You will learn frameworks, tools, and methodologies (e.g. financial viability, attracting and growing a talented team, building a culture aligned with your values, etc.) to structure your business model, build a team, manage your time and resources, and achieve results in order to enable the change you ultimately wish to make. As a final deliverable, you will make significant progress on a real social venture idea. By the end, you will learn what it means to operate a highly effective social enterprise and feel confident in your ability to build one yourself.
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Joram Mwinamo
Founder, WYLDE International

Course run in



[email protected]


Amani Institute

Insecta Center, Braeside Gardens Nairobi

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