Debunking stereotypes through global citizenship

February 9, 2015


“Each of us is a UNIQUE representation of our respective cultures!”

Jabari Smith joined us in 2013 for our Summer Semester in Social Entrepreneurship in collaboration with George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. Not only did he run a successful and inspiring crowdfunding campaign to make his dream come true of joining us, he also got hired as Chief Operating Officer for ACDM (Africa Community Development Media) after completing the program. 

During the inagural 2014 TEDxYouth at Kilimani event, he was inspired to speak and decided to share his experiences and insights around the problem of broad stereotyping of ANY GROUP in our globalized society (watch the talk below). Under the title, “Debunking Stereotypes Through Global Citizenship”, he talks about his journey of dynamic international experiences from growing up in New Orleans to Howard University to working in Asia and Africa. 

Building on our class on Storytelling for Leadership Jabari used his own story to connect with the wider audience to highlight

1) The hurt that comes along with being stereotyped by others

2) The danger in stereotyping others

3) The bigotry that is perpetuated if you do not care

If we open ourselves to travelling – and as Jabari emphasises, also travelling within one’s own country – and to building substantive relationships with those we see as “different” on the surface, then we will inevitably come to understand that there are more commonalities than differences that connect us alll.

Jabari invites all of us to join him in his mission to eradicate ignorance while simultaneously exposing others to the beauty of our global community. Let’s build a world without boundaries together!


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