Demystifying Social Impact Careers: a Conference in Bengaluru for Professionals, Recruiters and Leaders in the field

August 19, 2019


What does the “social impact sector” mean today? What is the range of career options in this field?
Why do more and more people want a job that helps them feel they are making a difference in the world?
What are the opportunities and the challenges in this sector for recruiters, organizations and the higher education system?

To explore these questions and more, Amani Institute is partnering with Arthan and International Innovation Corps to host a conference series on “Demystifying Social Impact Careers” to push the conversation in India forward.

Unlike most traditional conferences, this series focuses not on lectures and speeches about various projects but rather the real human stories of the people who are leading this field, pioneering lives of meaning and impact, and facing the challenges and opportunities of building such a career. The conversation formats are innovative and designed to foster deeper, personal, insights on what it takes to build your career in this sector.

After a very successful first conference in New Delhi (watch the event playlist here), the second edition will take place in Bangalore on September 7th, in association with our hosts, the National School of Journalism. This will be an engaging opportunity to learn from those walking their talk and network with like-minded people.

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