Dreaming For India on Her 75th Independence Day

August 12, 2021


We asked 3 pioneering and distinguished changemakers a question – “What is your dream/wish for India on her 75th Independence Day?”

Their dreams spanned humanity, our planet and embodying our fundamental values. Srinivas Ramanujam, CEO of Villgro spoke of more inclusion and equity, “I dream and wish for an India which is more equitable and inclusive. Where our diversity in language, culture, beliefs, customs, traditions, craft, attire, diet and a whole host of other things are celebrated.” He went on to add, “Where we are proud of what we are. Not seeking comfort in similarity and uniformity. Not aspiring for external acknowledgement.” In an increasingly divided country, this wish comes as a timely reminder of celebrating not just the big differences within a system, but also the small ones between you and I.

While the aspiration for inclusion and equity was echoed in the dream of Gayatri Divecha, Sustainability & CSR Head at Godrej, she added a wish for the well-being of our planet, “On her 75th Independence Day, my dream for India is an inclusive, equitable and greener future with healthy, happy, free citizens, living well and within planetary boundaries.” With the release of the latest IPCC report, it’s code red for humanity! Faster, more widespread and intensified climate change makes it even more urgent to reflect as a country and its citizens on how we can strive to live sustainably and within planetary bounds.

And finally, Roshan Paul, Co-founder and Board Member of Amani Institute took us back to the core of our existence, reminding us of our duty to our values, “Independence Day, like any birthday, is a chance to reflect on our founding values or what makes us, us. My dream is that India and all Indians stick to our founding values for 75 more years!”

With these beautifully articulated visions for India, we invite you to take out a few minutes today to think about your dream for the country this year. And to reflect on the ways in which you are supporting the materialization of that dream and yet some more ways you can!

by Eeshta Malhotra

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