End the divorce between head and hands: SIX interviews Roshan Paul of Amani Institute

May 14, 2015


Amani Institute’s Co-founder Roshan Paul in conversation with Social Innovation Exchange

What education policies around the world would YOU change, if you could? And – what skills do you think are needed for social innovators to increase their impact? Read here what our co-founder Roshan Paul thinks about these questions and how that translates into our programs and how we measure impact.

Please do share with us your insights, questions and opinions on what skills are needed for changemakers to innovate the social change sector, we are always curious to hear your perspectives!


May 27-29, 2015, we are collaborating with Social Innovation Exchange to host a conference in Nairobi on ‘What Makes a City an Innovation Hub – Learning From Nairobi’. If you are interested, please sign up here.



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