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Apr 08

Open Session: Sustainability in Companies

An open session about sustainability for social impact companies. Mihela Hladin will share as a case study Patagonia where she works as the environmental and social initiatives manager.

About Mihela Hladin
Being born and raised in a small town in Slovenia, Mihela has a knack for challenges that “cannot” be overcome. That’s how she became interested in environmental issues in China in 2006 and founded Greennovate in 2007. Greenovate is a social business that is constantly pushing traditional barriers, integrating sustainable concepts into business and community practices in China.
Today Mihela is the environmental and social initiatives manager at Patagonia, a role that combines all activities driven to reduce the environmental footprint of the business. She also develops and manages Patagonia’s support program for environmental groups in Europe.

Read here more about Mihela

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Mihela Hladin
Environment & Social Initiatives Manager, Patagonia


5:30pm - 7pm



Instituto Amani Brasil

Rua dos Ingleses, 182 - Morro dos Ingleses

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