I am worried about my safety. Should I be concerned?

Kenya successfully conducted peaceful elections in 2013 but has had to deal with a difficult blow against its internal security later in the year, which received widespread international media attention. Terrorism is a global concern and one of the reasons why the Amani Institute was founded in the first place – we know that it is crucial for the well-being of our societies and the planet that changemakers get an education that unlocks their potential and equips them with the right tools to deal with very complex challenges. We are paying close attention to international recommendations and alerts and suggest all of our students to keep in line with the guidelines of their respective embassies, while knowing that Kenya is still the right location for our programs. Security at many public venues tends to be high and managed by private security agencies.

Other then that, Nairobi is similar to most large international cities in that petty crime is a common concern and you need to be extra careful when using public transport or walking around the city. During orientation, you will be briefed on all issues concerning your security. You may also schedule a call with Amani Institute staff if you have specific questions not addressed here.
Thursday October 20th, 2016 by Geraldine Hepp

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