Fostering Human Capital Development in our Organizations

February 22, 2012


Typically at The Amani Institute, we examine the world from the perspective of the social sector professional, in particular how the changing nature of education and the workplace is affecting the way these future leaders must prepare for their careers. This week, however, we turn our focus to the employers of these practitioners, and the way in which organizations and the people who run them can set up the infrastructure to provide an appealing environment for their employees.

In this vein, we’re delighted to present a recent study from one of our Board Members, Dr. K. C. Soares who has co-authored a white paper examining the nature of human capital development and its relationship to organizational growth in the fast-growing impact investing industry. Please click here for the executive summary of the study, which identifies nine key discussion points that are worth pondering for all of us with an interest both in working in top-tier organizations as well as leading those organizations.
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