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December 13, 2018


(Swedish Below)

Thanks to the support of Amani Fellow, Emilia Hellqvist, Amani Institute has been recognized by the Swedish Government’s student finance department: CSN. After a thorough assessment by the Swedish Council for Higher Education, Swedish students are now eligible to apply for funding for Amani Institute’s Social Innovation Management Program. This funding can include the coverage of flight tickets, vaccines, insurance and also programmatic costs.

As there are limited opportunities to use this funding outside of Europe, this is a great opportunity for Swedish students to gain international exposure and a world-class education in emerging markets. This accreditation by the Swedish government is officially approved for Amani Institute’s Social Innovation Management Program in Nairobi, Kenya. However, if you are applying to the program in Brazil or India, you are still eligible to apply for funding and should mention that the content of the program is the same.

It’s a unique opportunity to learn by doing in Nairobi (Kenya), São Paulo (Brazil), or Bengaluru (India), emerging markets that today represent the frontier of social change: they are Social Innovation hubs because they make it easier for innovators to see the tangible difference their work makes. If you are considering a more adventurous life of meaning, with Amani Institute’s global faculty, global Fellows and global networks, you can accelerate change finding a tribe of like-minded people.

“When I was accepted to the program I hesitated a lot about whether to join. Looking back, I’m so grateful that I decided to start my journey with Amani,” says Emilia Hellqvist, who has concluded her immersion phase in Nairobi in November 2018.  “The program challenges you to grow both as a person and professionally. I now have memories for life, friends for life, access to a wide network and access to plenty of tools to improve my work within social innovation.”

490 Fellows from 63 countries have already joined the Program. Among them, three Fellows from Sweden, who have done the immersion phase of the Fellowship in Brazil and Kenya: Emilia Hellqvist, Matilde Zadig, and Sofie Carmlind.

Depending on each individual’s situation, applicants to the Swedish fund can receive a mixture of loans and grants specifically pro-rated to cover immersion phase costs. While this is an opportunity specifically for Swedish students, it may also be available if you are from another European country! Be sure to check with your respective governments.

Interested in applying for CSN funding? Check out all of the details at this link:

Applications are open for our next Social Innovation Management Program! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

Bio-empathy class in Kenya

Universitets- och högskolerådet gjorde nyligen en prövning av programmet i Kenya och beslutade att utbildningen möter deras krav för att ansöka om studiemedel.  CSN beviljar i regel inte distansstudier som sker utanför Europa, men för den del av programmet som inte är på distans (den så kallade immersion phase) kan du ansöka om studiemedel för. Utöver det vanliga studiestödet kan du även ansöka om kostnader relaterade till resan, såsom flyg, vaccin och försäkringar. Den bästa delen är att du även kan ansöka om en del av programkostnaden” (Om du vill göra ”immersion phase” i antingen Indien eller Brasilien kan de komma att behöva göra en prövning av programmet igen, nämn i detta fall att den redan är gjord för Kenya och att programinnehållet är detsamma)

“Jag tvekade en del inför beslutet att börja programmet efter att jag kommit in. Nu när jag ser tillbaka är jag så tacksam att jag valde att göra det. Programmet utmanar dig att växa både som person och i ditt professionella liv. Jag har fått minnen för livet, vänner för livet, tillgång till ett stort nätverk av kontakter och tillgång till mängder av verktyg för att förbättra mitt arbete inom social innovation.”- Emilia Hellqvist, Amani Fellow

Social Innovation Management class in Brazil

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