Our Story


We develop people and organizations to lead social impact.


Our name is derived from the Swahili word for peace.

The best response to a world of problems is increasing the number of problem solvers capable of addressing them.

To build a world without boundaries, we must help next generation leaders understand how to think and act globally. Founded in 2011, Amani Institute has worked with universities, governments, companies, and the best organizations in the social sector to enable future leaders to work closer to the action and to hone their ability to work and learn in diverse settings.

Ilaina Rabbat and Roshan Paul
When we launched Amani Institute in 2011, we had a bold dream: to offer a new model of higher education, originating in the Global South, for social impact professionals, accessible for people all over the world.
– Roshan Paul and Ilaina Rabbat, Amani Institute Co-Founders
Our original core program

Social Innovation Management Post-graduate Certificate

For 10 years our Social Innovation Management certificate invited people from all around the world to get an understanding of social innovation, build a global network, and develop practical and professional skills for long-term success.

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Aspiring professionals know they must work closer to the action to hone their ability to work and learn in diverse settings.

To enable this, Amani Institute developed a model for higher education.

A model that retains the current strengths of conventional education while also offering participants opportunities for more sustained field training and action learning opportunities to develop their professional skills, networks and lived understanding of the challenges and complexities of making change happen on the ground. Our experience comprises three interlocking streams of activity: experiential learning through relevant action learning projects, professional skill-building to learn core skills of the future practitioner, and a personal growth journey which helps the participants reflect on their own leadership path and integrate both experiential learning and skill-building into a coherent whole picture.

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