From IIT to Amani: Ayush’s Journey in the Social Impact Sector

December 15, 2017


“Accept the calling. Decide if you want your energy to be in the social impact sector
and go for it.”

Ayush Rai had fulfilled what many would call the “Indian dream”. A civil engineer from IIT Varanasi, he got a job at a startup in Delhi shortly after his graduation. However, he longed to create social impact in some way. He sought to utilize his engineering skills with a focus on social innovation. At nearly the perfect time, a friend told him about Amani’s Social Innovation Management (SIM) program. He applied and was accepted, and shortly afterwards, embarked on his journey to Brazil – one of three options for the program, along with Kenya and India.

Now working in a financial technology (or “fintech”) company in Spain, Ayush found the Logic of Complexity course to be the most impactful part of the SIM program.
“I was able to learn the different layers of a problem and the importance of providing people with a sustainable income in order to make an impact.” Ayush also grew tremendously from the Inner Journey component of the program and enjoyed the anthropology of social innovation, where he was able to better understand innovation in his daily life.

“Amani doesn’t give you a direction, it helps you find your direction and that’s the best part.”

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