Income 4 Interns, a New Initiative to Support Careers in the Impact Sector

October 5, 2021


Did you know that nearly half of all internships in the U.S. are unpaid, in particular those found within the social or non-profit sectors?

Unfortunately, unpaid internships are not an option for the vast majority of students as they can exacerbate socioeconomic and racial inequalities excluding applicants who can’t afford to work without pay.  And yet internships are vital as they increase a student’s chance at receiving a job offer by over 16%.

So you see the problem – many students aren’t able to explore practical learning opportunities (particularly within the social sector) and gain the experience they need to qualify for jobs they are passionate about. 

Let’s change this. Amani Institute and JMF are joining forces for a new initiative in the USA, Income 4 Interns. Starting October 6th, we’re asking students in the U.S to submit a video telling us what they could be empowered to do with the right paid internship. Finalists will be selected from the videos with the highest votes and interviewed by our selected judging panel. The winner will receive $5,000 to support an unpaid internship in the social sector in the subsequent 12 months. 

By creating pathways for students to explore careers otherwise unavailable to them, we can help create a real impact in our communities.

How can you help?

By spreading the news about the damage that unpaid internships can have and voting for your favorite contestants starting November 5th, 2021. In order to continue to fund these opportunities year over year, please watch/share/like as many applicant stories as possible via our YouTube channel here. You can also make a direct donation to JMF here – your contribution will support more opportunities for students to receive funding for their unpaid internships.

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