Lead Amani Institute into its Next Era: Apply to be CEO

August 27, 2020


We are thrilled to announce the search for a new Chief Executive Officer to lead Amani Institute. As Co-Founders, we will transition our roles to the Board of Directors, and continue to support the growth and expansion of the organization.

This is a wonderful career opportunity to have impact across the world – perfect for a globally-minded and entrepreneurial leader, with a passion for the development of human potential and the future of work.

When we launched Amani Institute in 2011, we had a bold dream: to offer a new model of higher education, originating in the global south, for social impact professionals, accessible for people all over the world. We started in Kenya and we planned to open new offices in Latin America and Asia in the years ahead. In less than 8 years, Amani Institute has grown solid roots in Kenya, Brazil and India, trained more than 10,000 individuals and impacted hundreds of organizations across 5 continents. We have won awards for our programs and the Amani Institute brand is globally recognized in its field. Despite the pandemic, we have remained financially sustainable and continued developing innovative new programs. 

And yet, it’s now time for a bold new dream to carry us forward. After ten wonderful years of collaboration, we recognize that new leadership could enable Amani Institute to even further innovation and scale, to build a bigger global footprint and change how social impact leaders get trained for their work. This was, of course, one of the most difficult professional decisions of our lives, given how much we love the organization, our mission, and all the people who make it happen every day. Amani Institute will forever be a part of us.

There’s no better moment for Amani Institute to embark on this thrilling new phase. Our global team is not only made of skilled and hard-working professionals, but each of them has proved to be committed, passionate and ready to step up to impact many more individuals and organizations, expanding our reach to new countries all over the world. We are incredibly grateful to all of them, past and present, as well as our 500+ Amani Fellows and 250+ institutional clients and partners, for their dedication to the cause of building careers that create social impact all over the world.

The selection process for the new CEO starts now and we will facilitate a smooth transition in the months to come. If you think you are (or you know someone who is) the right person to take on this exciting role, take a look at the job description!

We hope to count on your support to spread this exciting news and on your encouragement for the journey ahead. We also look forward to continuing to collaborate in the years to come.

With gratitude and joy,

Ilaina and Roshan


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