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May 2, 2013


This week, we are delighted to announce the list of courses and the people who will lead them for our upcoming Certificate in Social Innovation Management course, starting on June 1st. Check them all out here (and see a simple list below). They are a fabulous set of people from around the world and we’re honored to be working with them over the rest of the year. Why are these courses, and the whole Expertise (or Skill-Building) component of our program, so important? Funnily enough, Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Friedman’s column in The New York Times addressed this very issue today. Here’s an excerpt:

When I say that “everyone has to pass the bar now,” I mean that, as the world got hyperconnected, all these things happened at once: Jobs started changing much faster, requiring more skill with each iteration. Schools could not keep up with the competencies needed for these jobs, so employers got frustrated because, in a hyperconnected world, they did not have the time or money to spend on extensive training. So more employers are demanding that students prove their competencies for a specific job by obtaining not only college degrees but by passing “certification” exams that measure specific skills – the way lawyers have to pass the bar.

We don’t have exams! But, like Friedman, we believe in the development of specific skills that will be crucial to success in leading social change in the 21st century. These are the skills that we’re providing in our courses. And the instructors teaching them all embody and practice these skills in their own professional work – they were invited to teach at the Amani Institute as practitioners not academics. They do this work. For real.   Skills and Skill-Builders – Certificate in Social Innovation Management, 2013

  1. Bootcamp: Skills and Mindsets for the New Manager – Rajiv Ball, Partner @ THNK; Former Partner @ McKinsey and Company
  2. Design as a Change Agent – Rupa Chaturvedi, Founder @ Raaya Design
  3. Social Entrepreneurship – Roshan Paul, President @ Amani Institute
  4. Bio-Empathy: Learning from Nature – Dharshan Wignarajah, Partner @ Wignarajah Strategies
  5. Systemic Change – Charlotte Millar, Strategist @ Finance Innovation Lab
  6. Working with Young People – Ilaina Rabbat, Executive Director @Amani Institute
  7. The Management Toolkit – Peter Gross, Business Development Manager Africa @ Microensure
  8. Technology Skills for Social Change – Nick Martin, Co-Founder and President @ TechChange
  9. Nonviolent Communication – Gabriella Reinwald, Certified NVC Trainer
  10. Storytelling as a Leadership Skill – Roshan Paul, President @Amani Institute

Know anybody who would be interested in taking these courses and joining our program? Encourage them to apply ASAP! We have just a few spots left!  

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