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How to Leverage Your Network to Create Social Impact

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go togetherAnyone involved in creating positive impact knows: Creating social change is a mar…

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Destination India – Learning Abroad to Create Change at Home

By Abby TerHaar*When I was in high school, I told my parents I wanted to go as far away as possible from my home for college and work. A few years lat…

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wanjiku njuguna Amani Institute

Out of sight – out of mind? An Interview with Wanjiku Njuguna 

Prison systems across the globe are in dire need of innovation. This is also true - or more urgently so even - for countries in which other pressing p…

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Leadership for Growth India Class 1

Leadership for Growth Program Launched in India

Good leaders are one of the most important components of growing organizations. Strong leadership requires several elements working in harmony. The ri…

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Our Fellows Made the News!

With the holiday season approaching, you may be looking for something interesting to read. What about a selection of recent articles written by our Fe…

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Social impact that goes beyond borders in Brazil

Formação em Impacto social (FIS) expansion by the hand of Amani Institute Alumni2019 was definitely the year Amani Institute built momentum for its …

Latin American Leadership Academy: Change and purpose under construction.

Regional director tells how the Social Innovation Management program was instrumental in his work with young leaders of Latin American Leadership Acad…

Shaping The World We Want to See

To effect sustainable positive change in the world, collaboration between people from different sectors is a prerequisite. Working in silos has been t…

Amani Institute wins the Argidius-ANDE Talent Challenge

Amani Institute wins the Argidius – ANDE Talent Challenge

Selected among 5 finalists globally to receive a 1 million Euro grant to scale its pioneering leadership program in East Africa, India and Brazil.…

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Demystifying Social Impact Careers Conference

“Conferences Are just for Corporates”, and Other Myths about the Impact Sector

by Harshavardhan Palvatla*There are a lot of misconceptions about building a career in the social impact sector. Having just started my journey at Ama…

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