Shaping The World We Want to See

To effect sustainable positive change in the world, collaboration between people from different sectors is a prerequisite. Working in silos has been t…


Amani Institute wins the Argidius – ANDE Talent Challenge

Selected among 5 finalists globally to receive a 1 million Euro grant to scale its pioneering leadership program in East Africa, India and Brazil. …

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Demystifying Social Impact Careers Conference

“Conferences Are just for Corporates”, and Other Myths about the Impact Sector

by Harshavardhan Palvatla*There are a lot of misconceptions about building a career in the social impact sector. Having just started my journey at Ama…

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Metztli Zepeda

What Is the Story You Are Telling Yourself?

By Metztli Zepeda* While doing a night walk in Periyar National Park near Bangalore, Octavio, one of the Fellows in my class, asked me: "Metztli, what…

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Leading by Example for a Better Future for Africa

Working in social innovation and the impact sector is certainly a challenging yet ultimately fulfilling task. Lots of sacrifice, long working hours an…

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Jerry White, Roshan Paul, Vishal Talreja

Ashoka and Amani Institute, Shared Values in Action

(In the opening picture, Jerry White, Roshan Paul and Vishal Talreja) “Changemakers are people who can see the patterns around them, identify the p…

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Demystifying Social Impact Careers: a Conference in Bengaluru for Professionals, Recruiters and Leaders in the field

What does the “social impact sector” mean today? What is the range of career options in this field? Why do more and more people want a job that he…

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Yung Han Gojo Amani Institute

Looking for purpose: from private investment in Taiwan to microfinance in Sri Lanka

The beauty of life is that sometimes life-changing opportunities come when least expected. This is what happened to Yunghan Chang, in 2016. Despite h…

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Peter Tabichi Amani Institute Global Teacher Prize Winner

Kenyan Teacher Inspires Brazilian Education Practitioners

Global mindset - this is one of Amani Institute’s five core values and stems from the concept of catalyzing impact across both perceived and actual …


A Formação em Impacto Social no Rio de Janeiro

Em parceria com o Institute Gera, o Amani Institute promoveu em 2019 a primeira turma da expansão da Formação em Impacto Social (FIS)Fazer com que …