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Address tough, adaptive challenges with the skills, strategies and tools change leaders need to mobilize people in your organization outside moving outside their comfort zones.
Discover how trustworthiness is increased through getting an in-depth understanding of trust characteristics and further explores why trust is important in effective team building.
Use the skills of appreciative inquiry and empathy to build the potential of yourself and others. Learn the mindsets, skills, tools and conceptual frameworks of coaching principles with all your stakeholders.
Understand various tools to improve communication, such as non-violent communication, or learn frameworks to amplify impact while giving presentations.
Map out the causes of conflict between individuals and teams with their individual inherent style of conflict response and other techniques that make conflict management effective.
Delegate effectively as a manager with the frameworks that map your team’s individual capabilities and help teams work more efficiently and sustainably.
Understand the Design Thinking mindsets and process to solve social problems and practice the five step design thinking process in an accelerated manner.
Develop people as a leader of purpose-driven teams by harnessing the powers of communication. Learn from coaching and non-violent communication through live practice sessions guided by frameworks that create positive cultures in teams.