Abeer was born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; however, her interest in cultural diversity and creativity has led her to many different countries. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences with a focus on Neuroaesthetics, the interdisciplinary study of beauty, art, history, and the philosophy of aesthetics from a visual neuroscience perspective. She also holds an MA in International Development from SOAS.

Thirsty for adventure and challenge, Abeer chose the unconventional route of devoting herself to humanitarian causes at a very young age. She believes that her involvement in serving humanity has been the driving force for her personal and professional growth. Throughout her career thus far, Abeer’s passion for social impact has led her to various positions, right from the NPO Chair to roles in the cultural & arts sectors at multilateral organizations, including the GCC and the UN. Over the course of her experiences, she has become interested in creating innovative and culturally relevant sustainable solutions geared towards positive social change.

Outside of work, Abeer likes to keep fit and eat healthy food as part of her lifestyle. She is also a certified RYA sailor, a showjumper, and an art collector. Her name, Abeer, means “the floral scent” in Arabic. She is an Amani Fellow because she wants to be part of an inspiring community of creative leaders.