SIM Alumni

Ahmed Maawy

CTO, Griffin Kenya

Ahmed is currently the CTO at Griffin Kenya, an InsureTech company looking to digitize insurance and make it more accessible. He is also a co-founder of a project dubbed Koozooker - which is an initiative aimed at creating platforms for "collaborative game development" - where individuals share ideas on how video & mobile games are being shaped up. The aim of this project is to create platforms that can, later on, be used for social impact areas using gaming.

Previously, Ahmed has worked for the Al Jazeera Media Network in the capacity of Head of Corporate Products - where he took lead in Product Management initiatives around AI & MetaData Enrichment for Media Assets - working with teams from Microsoft and Azure, and was part of the pioneer team behind the AJ+: One of Al Jazeera Network's most successful digital projects. He also founded SwahiliBox and MakersHub in Mombasa, Kenya, with the support of Indigo Trust, Hivos, DOEN, The French Embassy in Kenya & Somalia, & the Shuttleworth Foundation.

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