SIM Alumni

Alejandra Aliaga Chávez

Alejandra is a young Bolivian professional looking for opportunities to learn and help in the transformation of her environment. She graduated with an International Business degree from the Bolivian Catholic University in La Paz. 

While she was a university student, Alejandra worked as a volunteer for CVX, a group of young people that carried out fundraising, constructions, and campaigns, with the aim of supporting different groups and social causes. This experience allowed her to better understand the challenges posed by the social and economic reality of her country. Her desire to improve her knowledge and support transformation and social development projects led her to France, where for three months she also acted as a volunteer in the Taizé community, a town near Lyon.

She now hopes to unite what she has learned in college with what she is passionate about, which is devoting herself to solidarity work. Alejandra comes to Amani with an open heart and mind, ready to learn and take full advantage of the knowledge of instructors, and the diversity of students.