SIM Alumni

Alexa MacLean

Account Director, C2 Montréal

Alexa MacLean spent the last year travelling, studying and volunteering across Europe, down to Kenya, through South East Asia, and ending in Vietnam. She considers herself a calculated risk taker because she balances uncertainty with unparalleled diligence and passion towards the things she pursues. Alexa is working towards a career in the development of innovative risk management strategies in community-based enterprise. Ultimately, she wants to redefine success in business to be more aligned with progressive social outcomes. Alexa is a recent graduate of McGill University, double majoring in History and Political Science. Her degree gave her an important contextual understanding of the environments within which she seeks social innovation. She grew up speaking Spanish with her mother in a French province with an Anglophone father. Growing up exposed to these three cultures has kept her open minded.