SIM Alumni

Ana Catarina Motta Ferreira

Co-Founder, Aporé

Catarina decided when she was young that she wanted to make a significant contribution to the world. She loves to travel, meet new people, and learn about their stories. Catarina has worked as a volunteer in many nonprofit companies and she still works as a volunteer as a clown in children’s hospitals. Catarina’s passions used to come second behind her work. She worked in the sales and marketing area for five years in different companies such as Johnson & Johnson Medical Brasil, Rabobank and Editora Globo. After studying Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing at the University of California in San Diego, she decided that she should follow her dream to empower people through education. This decision led her to Aporé, where she is now the co-owner. Aporé is a people accelerator. It facilitates the search for purpose and the process of fulfilling it. The company has a special program created to help young people, especially those from low-income homes. At this moment of her life, Catarina feels that she is finally connected with herself and her own purpose. She is open-minded and wants to learn a lot so she can impact even more lives and help more people.