SIM Alumni

Ana Helena Oliveira

Ana Helena is a citizen of Sao Paulo, she loves to travel and has lived abroad a few times. Ana always felt good in connection with diverse people and to participate in community projects. She's graduated as business administrator and marketing at ESPM and she’s postgraduated in Childhood, Education and Social Development at Singularidades Institute. She's built her carreer moving from Nielsen Media Research to an international NGO at Barcelona, and since then she's jumped to social field experiences.

In São Paulo, she has worked in the communication area of Vaga Lume Association and Mapa da Infância Brasileira and has also some experience as educator, as individual coach and several times as a volunteer. She loves yoga and personal development subject and her dream is to be a changemaker bringing these tools to youth of disadvantaged social realities. She's just passed a year of maternity leave, and she feels ready to put her dreams into action