SIM Alumni

Angeli Earley

With a focus on social mobilization through alternative development Angeli wants to navigate fresh approaches to issues regarding the relationship we have with our natural environment and our ability to consciously evolve. 

Having grown up in an international community (Auroville) she learned a great deal through a self-planned, unconventionally structured system of education, mostly consisting of various apprenticeships. While living in the USA she decided to get a General Education Development Certificate (GED) and then spent a term studying sociology in a local community college. One of her biggest accomplishments so far has been setting up a vocational training curriculum combining multiple organizations in a common frame enabling them to collaborate and complement each other through educating Auroville youth.  Her primary interest is alternative development experimenting with materials and learning new skills on all levels. Angeli loves to sing, dance and laugh loud. She easily adapts to any surroundings but needs nature to stay sane.